Fashion retailer Seppälä replaced plastic bags with PAPTIC bags

A limited edition of wood based PAPTIC carrier bags were available in 92 Seppälä-stores in Finland in mid-June. The novel patented technology developed by Paptic Ltd enables the production of a renewable, environmentally friendly wood based material with functionality similar to plastics. PAPTIC Bags are directly answering to the demand of the EU plastic bag directive. Today, 80% of the PAPTIC raw materials are renewable.


PAPTIC Bags were used during June in all 92 Seppälä stores around Finland. The PAPTIC Bag, based on Nordic design, sustainable forestry and resource efficient production technology has an excellent match with the sustainability agenda of leading brands.

“Being true to the Finnish origin, the decision to be the very first to use the Finnish innovation – PAPTIC Bag – is an example of this commitment to make a positive impact to the world. The environmental awareness of our consumers is rapidly increasing and our investment in PAPTIC Bags was our way of answering to that demand about the sustainability of Seppälä brand. According to the feedback gathered from the consumers, they liked the PAPTIC Bags and especially appreciated our effort”, states Kati Kivimäki, marketing director of Seppälä.

”Our commitment and collaboration with Paptic started already during the product development phase over one year ago. We are proud to be the first user of PAPTIC bags”, highlights Kivimäki.

The first limited edition of PAPTIC Bags was targeted to act as a consumer and market study of a radically different kind of shopping bag. Later, PAPTIC bags will be used to replace more plastic bags in Seppälä. Paptic and Seppälä are challenging the consumers to reuse the PAPTIC Bag as many times as possible.

The feedback from the consumers has been extremely positive. Most of the interviewees valued the sustainability of PAPTIC Bags while many appreciated also its appearance and especially the tactile properties.

”It is great to have more nature-friendly alternatives for plastic. When I saw this (Seppälä’s Paptic Bag) I first thought it would be one of those noisy paper bags, but I was positively surprised by the softness of the material”, comments a middle-aged lady.

”WOW! This is great, Go Seppälä Go!”, a teenager summarized her feelings on the counter.


In Europe alone 100 billion plastic bags are used annually, ie. 180 bags per consumer in average. EU Parliament has accepted on April 29th, 2015 the ’Plastic bag directive’ 2015/720, which sets targets for reduction of use of plastic bags. The targeted level is under 90 bags per capita by end of 2019 and below 40 bags per capita by the end of 2025. Already countries such as Italy, UK and France have taken into use various mechanisms to reduce the consumption, such as charges, taxes and limitations of use. For example France is prohibiting the use of thin (below 50 micrometer) single use bags starting 1 July 2016 and is directing consumers to use reusable and paper bags.

”We are proud to introduce the PAPTIC material integrating the advantages of paper and plastics. PAPTIC combines the renewable wood based raw material with the usability of plastics. This first edition of PAPTIC Bags is only the start and therefore we are seeking feedback and ideas from consumers about the role of reusable, renewable and recyclable bags in every day life”, explains Tuomas Mustonen, Founder and CEO of Paptic Ltd.

Limited edition of bags at Seppälä stores is the first launch of PAPTIC. During 2016, PAPTIC will be taken into use also seen in other international retail chains and packaging applications. Today, Paptic is negotiating with several international retailers on collaboration.

PAPTIC bag samples can be ordered and further information can be found from

Paptic Ltd is a high-growth company established in 2015 with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The company has developed Paptic®, a fibre-based and recyclable material to replace plastics in packaging. The material has been available on an industrial scale since 2018. Today Paptic is a company with close to 30 professionals, and Paptic® materials are delivered to over 40 countries.