Paptic® Materials

A unique combination of sustainability, strength, and positively distinctive haptic properties


Paptic® is a next generation sustainable packaging material made of renewable wood fibres.

Recyclable Paptic® materials offer a unique combination of sustainability, strength, and positively distinguishable haptic properties. The materials were developed to reduce the use of plastic in packaging, and with Paptic® you can replace oil-based materials in numerous packaging applications.

Innovative Paptic® outperforms paper and has a smaller environmental impact than cotton. We like to say that Paptic® combines the best properties of existing materials.

Paptic® is distinctive in texture and appearance, instantly recognisable to consumers, and easily associated with quality, performance, and environmental consciousness.

The Journey of Paptic® Materials

Illustration of a sustainable forest

Sustainably Managed Forest

Where it all begins

Paptic® is made of renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests. It is available as FSC® certified.

Illustration of Paptic production

Paptic® Production

Manufactured on current paper machines

Paptic® is produced on current paper machines with only slight modifications. The process is sustainable and scalable.

Illustration of packaging production

Packaging Production

Using existing converting lines

Converters may use existing production lines to convert Paptic® into countless different packaging applications. It is a cost-effective way to shift towards more sustainable packaging.

Illustration of a shop

Brands and Retailers

Communicating brand values through packaging

Paptic® applications are the choice for a modern, sustainability-driven brand or store. Packaging communicates the brand’s values and thoughts to consumers, who expect brands and stores to help them consume more responsibly.

Illustration of a consumer


Driving the change towards sustainability

Customers are willing to pay 10% more for a product corresponding to their environmental concerns. Consumers appreciate companies that make sustainable choices.

Illustration of recycling


First reuse, then recycle

After many reuses, finally, all Paptic® materials can be recycled with packaging papers and cardboard. Consumers value responsible choice in the circular economy.

Sustainable at Heart

The sustainability of all Paptic® materials is built around six core aspects.

Circular Economy

Renewable Raw Materials




Resource Efficiency

Performance of Paptic® Materials

Durable and Strong

All Paptic® materials are tough and tear-resistant which allows the packaging to be reused many times. Moisture resistance ensures that the packaging stays in shape in any weather.


Flexibility is a core property of all Paptic® materials. For example, bags can be easily folded into a pocket or purse and reused. It becomes even more pleasant to use after numerous uses!

Soft and Silent

A distinct feature of Paptic® materials is softness. This makes the packaging pleasant and silent to handle, which greatly enhances the end user experience.


Soft Paptic® materials do not cause paper cuts to your fingers. The materials are also food contact approved and porous.


Paptic® materials are soft and silky, but still strong. They feel premium and fresh. A true sustainable packaging alternative which stands out on the shelf.


You can print on all Paptic® materials to ensure brand visibility. The material can be printed using the same printing methods as paper.

The Touch and Feel of Paptic®

According to our research, consumers really like the overall quality and feel of products made of Paptic®, such as good foldability, softness, and durability for reuse.

Paptic® materials truly stand out from paper and plastic alternatives with their textile like haptics. Product packages made of Paptic® stand out on the shelf, and the luxurious feel gives a great first impression for premium products.

Interested to Hear More?

Paptic® materials are available worldwide for Converters, Producers, Service Providers, and Resellers.
We co-operate with a global network of converters who create the most attractive sustainable packaging solutions.



Paptic Tringa®

Logo of Paptic Tringa

Paptic Tringa® is a premium sustainable packaging material for retail bags, e-commerce mailers, and luxury packaging.

Paptic Sterna®

Logo of Paptic Sterna

Paptic Sterna® is a sustainable packaging material for large quantities of retail bags and e-commerce mailers.

Paptic Apus®

Logo of Paptic Apus

Paptic Apus® is a resource-efficient fibre-based innovation for packaging. The new lightweight material has been developed for flexible packaging and serves a wide range of end-use applications.

Heatsealable Packaging Grades

Paptic Apus®

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Paptic Apus® is a sustainable heatsealable packaging material for dry food packaging. It is soft and silent with a silky feeling.