Sustainable Raw Materials

Paptic only uses renewable, wood-based fibres in its materials. All fibre is sourced from sustainably managed forests and transparent sources.

Forest Certification

All Paptic® materials are available as FSC® certified*. Paptic supplies fibre from sustainably managed and certified forests, and manufactures the materials at FSC certified sites in Europe. Paptic has FSC Chain of Custody, and FSC Certification systems in place.

Forest certification is an important and powerful tool in ensuring the environmental, social, and economic aspects of forest management and wood supply. All fibres can be traced back to their origins. With FSC certification we can be sure all important environmental, ecological, social, and economic aspects are taken into consideration throughout the value chain.

We see the importance of safeguarding forest biodiversity. We also prefer to supply fibres from areas with large water resources. We are committed to all criteria set by the FSC, including respecting human rights and complying with ILO (International Labour Organisation) Core Conventions and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work as part of the FSC Chain of Custody standard.

* Our FSC® code is FSC-C132097