Paptic Sterna®

A soft, durable, and sustainable packaging material for large quantities in e-commerce and bags

What is
Paptic Sterna®

Paptic Sterna® is a sustainable packaging material designed for large quantities of carrier and gift bags, e-commerce mailers, and as a base material for labels and coating.

The material has a unique two-fibre layer structure. The top side is optimised for printing and the reverse side is then optimised for converting.

Paptic Sterna®’s exceptionally high tear resistance and material thickness guarantee excellent functionality in e-commerce mailers and bags.

Paptic Sterna® is an optimal choice for mass production in higher quantities.

Sustainable at Heart

The sustainability of Paptic Sterna® is built around six core aspects.

Circular Economy

Renewable Raw Materials




Resource Efficiency

Durable and Strong

Tear-resistant and tough, enabling dozens of reuses. Moisture-resistant in humid conditions.

Unique Haptics

Textile-like haptics providing a unique consumer experience.


Great foldability for bags and pouches. E-commerce mailers are easy and convenient to fill and reuse.


Doesn’t cause paper cuts to your fingers.

Soft and Silent

Pleasant to handle. Soft touch and convenience motivates consumers to reuse.

Available in reels

85 Gsm

100 Gsm

3360 mm

Trim Width
1000 & 1200 mm

Standard Outer Diameter
76 & 152 mm

Standard Core Size

High Quality Printing








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Converting Paptic Sterna®

Converting Paptic Sterna®

Unique Two-layer Fibre Structure

  • TOP SIDE – HQ printability in flexo / offset / digital / screen / inkjet
  • BACK SIDE – Suitable for adhesive lamination, extrusion, and dispersion coating

Unique Two-Layer Structure

Paptic Sterna® has a unique two layers structure that provides an excellent surface for vivid printing and highly efficient converting in large quantities.

Paptic Sterna 2-layer structure illustration

Superior Reusability and Adaptivity in Use

These three elements differentiate Paptic® material from industry-standard kraft papers and lead to further performance and adaptivity of the package.

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Paptic® materials are available worldwide for further converting.
Looking for a packaging solution? We can help you to find the right converter for you to produce your packaging idea. We co-operate with a global network of converters who create the most attractive sustainable packaging applications.

Applications best suited for Paptic Sterna®