Paptic® for Bags

Strengthen your brand visibility with reusable Paptic® bags


  • Renewable
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable


  • Strong
  • Foldable and silent
  • Lightweight
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Brand Value

  • Improved brand visibility
  • Responsible choice to support overall sustainability
  • Stand out from your peers
Todis Paptic bag grocery
Todis reusable grocery bag Paptic

Enhance the Shopping Experience with a Soft and Unique Paptic® Bag

Paptic® as a material in bags and pouches beats plastic and paper alternatives in performance and functionality.

Foldable and soft but still durable, Paptic® bags and pouches are the choice of a sustainability-oriented brand. Your customers want to reuse the bags because of their strength and haptics which then leads to an increase in your brand visibility. With your material choice, you also communicate your brand values.

To stand out from your peers, choose sustainable Paptic® material for your bags and pouches. It is the choice for a modern, sustainability-driven company with high-quality products.


No Compromises in Functionality


The main raw material of Paptic® mailers is wood from sustainably managed forests.


Durable Paptic® bags are truly reusable. Your customers value the eases of folding and reusing the bag multiple times.


Paptic® bags are easy to recycle together with packaging papers and cardboard.


Combining Performance and Functionality

The sustainable Paptic® bag is lightweight, durable, soft, and silent. All these properties are required for a true truly reusable solution.

In general, about 50% of bag material weight can be saved when using Paptic® materials in bags. A heavier kraft bag paper can easily be changed to a lighter Paptic® bag material in equivalent thickness.

Durable and moisture-resistant Paptic® bags carry products and items over and over again. Its softness and foldability only get better with use.

Brand Value

Improve your brand visibility with reusability

With Paptic® you strengthen your brand’s sustainable frontrunner image.

The softness of the material invites your customers to choose the bag made of Paptic®. Using the bag multiple times only makes the bag softer and more textile-like.

When a brand makes responsible choices, consumers see the brand as a modern and valuable company that respects nature, and they prefer brands with whom they share the same values.

It is time to start using more modern materials, and lead the way towards more responsible packaging.

Want to Hear More?

Paptic® bags and pouches can be purchased via Paptic’s global partner network. Contact us to find out how your company could make the switch from plastics to more sustainable packaging!

Success Case: Iceland Foods and Paptic join forces to launch an innovative carrier bag

Iceland Foods, one of Britain’s fastest-growing and most innovative grocery retailers, introduces a strong, lightweight, reusable, and moisture-resistant carrier bag made of Paptic® material in all its stores.

The wood-fibres used in the bag are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The bag, at the end of its lifespan after multiple reuses, is recyclable with paper or cardboard. 

Success case: Todis introduces Paptic bags in its 200 stores

The novel type of carrier bag made of Paptic material has been available in more than 200 Todis supermarkets since April 2023. The bags introduce a unique combination of reusability and recyclability.

Todis Paptic bag
Sokos Paptic bag

Success Case: Sokos Goes with Paptic®

Switching to reusable a Paptic® bag was a sustainability choice that consumers appreciated.

97% of respondents said that the change affected their perception of Sokos as a sustainable company.

Success Case: Moominpappa Approves Paptic®

Moomin Characters Oy Ltd chose to use Paptic® bags in their Moomin stores. Huge thank you to Napakka Oy& All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd! Their cooperation has been instrumental in getting Paptic® bags into Moomin shops.

Moomin bag Paptic

A Perfect Material for Converting Bags and Pouches

Paptic® bags and pouches can be converted on existing converting machines providing a flexible, scalable and sustainable solution for converters and their customers. The best Paptic® materials for bags and pouches are Paptic Tringa® and Paptic Sterna®.

Paptic Sterna®

Logo of Paptic Sterna

Paptic Sterna®’s exceptionally high tear resistance and material thickness guarantee excellent functionality in e-commerce mailings and bags. Paptic Sterna® is an optimal choice for mass production in higher quantities.