Always Recyclable

Despite its unique material properties, Paptic® is a paper. It is made of the same, familiar and safe raw materials as the paper we all know. It is a monomaterial with no additional layers.

Recyclability of our materials is ensured in several steps, starting from R&D, recipe development, internal tests, external laboratory tests, as well as tests on an industrial scale. We conduct the same procedure for all our materials. The wood fibre of our products is strong, and after recycling, can be used 7+ times in new paper products. We promote recycling as it is the most sustainable option after use and fits the circular economy.

Paptic® materials are recycled with paperboards. If, for some reason, Paptic® materials do not end up in recycling but in nature, their structure starts to biograde. All Paptic® fibres are wood-based and biodegradable.

Each Paptic® material has been tested and approved by an external laboratory as recyclable.