How to navigate the jungle of sustainability? How to recycle the packaging? What does biodegradability actually mean? And how about a circular economy? The list of sustainability terms seems to be never-ending…

There are so many aspects of sustainability that are a little, or maybe not so little, confusing for most of us. In this podcast series, we’ll be discussing and unboxing today’s hot topic from a packaging perspective. 

We’ve invited interesting guests, absolute experts in their field, to bring to the discussions insight and knowledge that will help us all to understand the subject more deeply.

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Episode 1: We are obliged by awareness to choose sustainability

In this podcast episode, Paptic’s Hanna Kalliomäki & Tuomas Mustonen sat around the round table to discuss sustainability from different viewpoints to help us all improve our understanding of this complex entity.

The impact of plastics, and packaging in particular, on the environment, is well documented, but what alternatives are available to make packaging, and our world, more sustainable? Concern about the amount of plastics in the environment, and their possible effect on climate change and global warming, is an ever-present and pressing concern for both companies and consumers alike.

Episode 2: The true magic of packaging

For better or worse, we live in a consumer-driven society where buying things is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. And in this world of consumerism packaging plays a huge part, and also has a huge impact. There is very little we can buy that does not come in some form of packaging or other. And as we know, all packages have to be opened, which is often part of the overall consumer experience.  

Episode 3: The fascinating future of bioproducts: the current crisis may hold the key to sustainable materials

Can the current crisis bring hope for the future? Will the age of plastic ever disappear? Tune in as Paptic’s Hanna Kalliomäki & Tuomas Mustonen unravel the many layers of packaging use with their guest, Professor Ali Harlin.

Together they discuss why bioproducts are needed to replace fossil fuels, the significance of recyclability, reusability, and biodegradability, and how research results can be applied to global markets to bring about successful innovations.

Episode 4: Packaging – an enabler of good or rather an avoidable bad – discussing the European packaging regulations with Cepi’s Jori Ringman

Every one of us has an opinion about packaging. There’s too much packaging, there’s too complex packaging, packaging causes emissions or packaging is difficult to recycle – or on the contrary, the packaging is fascinating and tempting, it is easy to recycle, and there’s interesting information in the packaging.

But do we acknowledge and still remember, what is the ultimate purpose of the packaging? Well, the packaging is there to protect the goods inside and bring them to us in a good condition. We discussed the topic with Cepi’s Director General Jori Ringman.

Episode 5: The bright side amid the complexity: A sustainable future for Europe

Ever wonder if there is a way out of this mess? Is all hope lost? Even amid the complexity, there is a bright side. It is the positive perspectives that can give hope to the confusion on the path to a more sustainable future. In this Episode of Unboxing Sustainability, Jori Ringman from Cepi, Confederation of European Paper Industries, talks about EU regulations and how they steer us towards a more sustainable future. This episode will also touch base on the growing forests of Europe, the bioeconomy, packaging materials, and improving the circularity of packaging materials.

Episode 6: Investing in sustainable companies – to build a safe future for our globe

Without a doubt, many of us want to make a difference in many ways and hope for a better future. Also, how we invest and in which companies count. As an investor, you can play your part and if you choose to invest in sustainability, it means investing in our future and in our children’s future.

Episode 7: PPWR – Shaping the Future of Packaging in Europe 

In this episode, we discuss with Anna Papagrigoraki, Sustainability Director from CEPI, the coming European Comssions Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). What does it mean? Why is it set?  What will the packaging look like in the future in Europe? And what is actually the role of packaging itself? 

Episode 8: Biodiversity unboxed: Exploring actions and company roles in halting biodiversity loss

Over the past few years, biodiversity has taken centre stage in the news and public discourse. While climate change has long been a hot topic, the attention on biodiversity has gained momentum since 2018, with discussions on biodiversity loss, threats to biodiversity, and the crisis it poses.

Episode 9: Sustainability in retail with Riikka Joukio

The latest episode of Paptic’s “Unboxing Sustainability” podcast features Riikka Joukio, the Executive Vice President in charge of corporation responsibility and public affairs at the Finnish trade sector company Kesko.


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