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Conscientia OBLIGAT
Obliged by Awareness

That’s how we at Paptic see the world – a world that needs as much action as possible to reduce carbon emissions, plastics and an excessive use of resources. A world that moves faster towards sustainable and renewable solutions, aims higher in using materials for longer in the circular economy, and is stronger in making the change.

Change is everywhere. Making change requires choices. The ability to make the right choices comes from knowing things. Not just one thing, but things in the system; in the big picture. Knowing things makes one aware, and being aware obliges you to make everything possible and beyond for sustainable future.

Fact-based Sustainability

Paptic follows sustainability and climate research and relies on facts. Paptic takes a holistic approach to sustainability – from raw material sourcing, production, use, brand and consumer wishes, as well as to recycling and end-of-life options of material in the circular economy.

Paptic focuses on R&D related to sustainable and bio-based raw materials, best packaging material properties, contributing to decarbonization, supporting circular business models, and enhancing fibre circulations. We always work to ensure our materials are safe to use.

Core Aspects

At Paptic, sustainability is built around six core aspects.

Circular Economy

All our design starts from fitting into the circular economy. Our raw materials are renewable and sustainable. In production we focus on renewable energy and closed circulations.

All our materials are fully recyclable, and their fibre supports fibre circulation. In addition, our materials are easy to start using with current machinery and packaging lines, replacing the use of fossil plastics. Paptic® is an all-in-one solution for circularity!

Renewable Raw Materials

All the fibre we use comes from sustainably managed forests and transparent sources – this means we only source fibre originating from forests where growth is greater than use, and where nature and biodiversity are taken into consideration.

It also means that forestowners and workers are treated decently according to high international standards, e.g. through taking good care of work safety, respecting ethical principles and having fair and equal salary policies. The majority of the fibres we use come from northern forests that grow surrounded by large water resources – for that reason they do not need irrigation or inhibit anybody’s access to water.


Paptic® promotes reusability. Our materials are fit for long-term use which visibly extends to your brand. Today’s consumers value sustainable choices and brands that make it concrete.


Paptic® contains the best quality wood fibres that can be recycled together with paperboard packaging. Recycling promotes sustainability and keeps fibres in material circulation. Paptic® fibres can be used up to 7 times, sometimes even more, so remember to recycle – that’s always the best thing to do.


All fibres used in Paptic® materials are biodegradable. However, we design all our products to be recyclable in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

Resource Efficiency

As the global population grows, the availability of resources is becoming a big issue. Paptic takes resource efficiency seriously in each part of the value chain, operating wisely and according to circular economy principles.

We have chosen to build a sustainable future with renewable raw materials, and through recyclable Paptic® packaging solutions. In production, we increase the share of renewable energy all the time and improve raw materials and water utilization efficiencies.

Paptic Supports the UN SDGs

Paptic supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in various ways – starting from sustainable and renewable raw materials through modern and efficient production to packaging materials that correspond to the increasing demand for sustainable solutions that fit the circular economy.

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Supporting The UN SDGs

Paptic Ltd supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Raw Materials

We focus on replacing the use of plastics with renewable, wood-based raw materials from sustainable sources.

Sustainable Production

Paptic® materials are produced in Europe transparently, resource efficiently and supporting the climate targets.

Sustainable Materials

Our materials are designed to fit the circular economy. They are made of renewable raw materials and are always recyclable.


All Paptic® materials are fully recyclable. After recycling, fibres are reutilized as material in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.