Report a Concern

You can report your concern through Paptic’s confidential whistle-blowing channel.

Channel for Reporting a Concern

Paptic is committed to acting responsibly and ethically across its operations. We encourage you to submit a report if you have noticed or suspect a breach of Paptic’s Code of Conduct, Policies, or any applicable law or regulation. You can raise your concern with any of our employees or through the whistle-blowing channel.

The channel is open to all, and its purpose is to enable employees, customers, and other stakeholders to raise concerns related to Paptic’s operations. The channel is provided and maintained by an independent, external third party to ensure the anonymity of the reports. 

All reports are handled with strict confidentiality. At Paptic, reports sent via the whistleblowing channel are processed only by two designated persons. Paptic will confirm receipt of the report within seven days and inform the user of follow-up measures within three months. During the investigation, Paptic may request further information from the user. The channel allows this communication without compromising the anonymity of the person who has submitted the report.

For customer feedback or issues requiring immediate action, please contact Paptic’s personnel directly.