Invest in our Planet, Invest in Plastic Alternatives


You may have noticed, everywhere you look, there’s news about the staggering amount of plastic waste accumulating in the oceans. It’s not surprising, because no one wants to go swimming in water full of straws, packages, and plastic bags. Instead, the news becomes important from the fact that plastics are ending up in our oceans – creating severe health risks to the entire food chain, including you and me.

It’s a daunting global challenge that has to be solved by the current generation. It’s time to take action against the madness and find viable solutions that can replace plastics with sustainable and renewable materials as often as possible.

We, at Paptic, have found a way to do exactly that! And now that we’re growing our business, we’re happy that we’ve found a group of investors who share our targets and vision. In this article, we interviewed 3 of those investors who decided to make a difference in this world by investing in Paptic.

“Having worked 15 years in the paper and forest industry and having analysed plenty of others the past five years, I am impressed of how “eco-conscious“ and sustainability-focused the industry is. That said, I feel very confident about the investment and can feel good about it, too.”

– Charlotta Björnberg-Paul


As we conduct these interviews, a common viewpoint becomes clear. All three investors agree that there is a global need for replacing plastics. Sure, in some cases, plastics and oil-based products are still required today but, in most cases, plastic is only used because of rooted habits and beliefs.

All three investors agree that shifting our thinking, and operations, towards more ecological solutions is not as hard as it seems.

For example, Paptic’s production capacity is easily upscaled by utilizing already existing paper machines, as well as, infrastructures. There’s no need for new machinery. The material itself can be converted with existing production lines used for creating paper and plastic packages today.

“Paptic, as a material, is not only durable but eco-friendly. It contains the best features from both, plastic and paper. Moreover, the beauty of Paptic is not only the material but how it can be manufactured. Everything needed to produce Paptic is already in place. The production is scalable, globally, already today. It’s a win-win for all.”

– Hanna Liiri


We believe that time is ripe for big moves. It is time to start acting locally but thinking globally. With a product like Paptic in our hands, we feel confident to challenge the old way of thinking and invite you to take bold action with us.

“From my point of view, Paptic has simple, compelling business logic. The business logic has been proven with industrial partners. Easily traceable profits, based on a unique, protected intellectual property, for me, make Paptic a very interesting investment opportunity. The last argument that made this investment a must for me are the letters of intent, indicating strong demand. Paptic has multiple contracts on the table which are waiting to be fulfilled. This was a no-brainer.”

– Aapo Bovellan

“I consider all of my risk investments being all about the people. At Paptic, we have a very competent team who’s motivated and hardworking, capable, and inspired by their mission. I feel very positive with the Paptic team. Also, Paptic’s marketing and sales team has done a phenomenal job as demand is way above the current supply capacity.“

– Charlotta Björnberg-Paul

“I believe the market has been ready for this kind of product, a solid replacement for plastic, for years. I see exhilarating times for us! The next step for us is to launch our full-scope manufacturing for the material. With that, we’re starting to fulfill the back-orders and, at the same time, we’re beginning our efforts for market entries into planned key locations within Europe.”

– Hanna Liiri


Paptic continues its path towards sustainable growth. As the business is growing rapidly, it’s the perfect time for new members to join our experienced team. We welcome new investors who share our passion of keeping our planet safe and who feel the urgency to act. If you are interested in this opportunity to invest in Paptic, please, contact Paptic’s CEO, Tuomas Mustonen, for more details: , +358 505987516.


1) Charlotta Björnberg-Paul – Entrepreneur and Investor

2) Hanna Liiri – Managing Partner & Board Member, Besodos Investors Oy

3) Aapo Bovellan – Founding Partner at