Investing in sustainable companies – to build a safe future for our globe

Unboxing Sustainability with Marko Parkkinen

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Without a doubt, many of us want to make a difference in many ways and hope for a better future. Also, how we invest and in which companies count. As an investor, you can play your part and if you choose to invest in sustainability, it means investing in our future and in our children’s future.

Sustainable products are becoming much more appealing to consumers, and today they are willing to pay the extra cost for sustainable solutions. Responsible companies are working hard to respond to consumers’ demands and to build a better time ahead. These companies play an important, and crucial role, in securing a sustainable future for future generations.

There is definitely room and demand for new innovations – like recyclable materials, and renewable energy – or solutions that reduce the burden of our globe.  

Scalability of new innovations is a must

New sustainable innovations must be scalable in business to gain a bigger impact to fill gaps in the market technologically, commercially, and in consumer behavior.

Technological scalability involves finding sustainable solutions. Commercial scalability meanwhile involves pinpointing gaps in the market and optimizing economic scalability. The third angle of scalability is consumer behavior and recognizing how consumers react to fibre-based plastic alternatives.

A strong drive for sustainability 

There is a drive for sustainability on the part of consumers and policymakers. People are curious and we are living in exceptional times. Now there is a huge possibility for change, and there is money for businesses to be made.

There is a development in business whereby an acceptable business is a sustainable business. When money is made, money is spent, which results in a greater impact on an industrial scale. If a business is sustainable and successful, it will have more of an impact and in turn, can build a better future.

Growth comes before profit 

Companies that are working on sustainable solutions and innovations will be more profitable in the long run. If the business is growing quickly, in the end, it will be very profitable. The growth comes before profit.

Sustainable choices will lead to good profit, and raw materials must be renewable, this is an absolute must. Companies are the middle ground between consumers and legislation, and investors are keen on investing more and more in companies with strong and long-term sustainability strategies.

Profits also for the investors are better in the long run when investing in sustainability.

Let’s start a fierce competition to save the planet 

People are working together to save the planet. But we would need to have fierce competition on saving the planet. The forerunners can have the strongest license to operate, and those who adapt to new and sustainable business concepts seem to manage well.

The time is the present. It is important to have sustainable business successes and industrial start-ups that move us in the right direction.

A little bit about Marko 

Marko Parkkinen is a serial entrepreneur and invests in sustainable companies because he wants to bear his responsibility for building a responsible future.

If Marko had all the power and wisdom in the world, the three main things he would do to achieve a sustainable future are: 

  1. Stop using fossil fuels and find alternative solutions to fossil fuels.
  2. We need to recycle everything. Everything should be recyclable, and we must give up single-use products.  
  3. We need to act now. Corporations need to understand the impact they have and understand that they can accelerate change.

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