Sokos says goodbye to plastic bags and welcomes a more sustainable material

Sokos, one of the largest department store chains in Finland, has decided to replace their plastic bags with reusable multiuse carrier bags made from the sustainable Paptic® Tringa material.

Every year millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the environment and a large part of it is packaging. Single use plastic bags and packages have a high probability of ending up in nature. With Paptic® material Sokos will provide a reusable bag which can and should be used multiple times. The bags can be found in all Sokos and Emotion retail locations.

”The new bags made with Paptic® material are stylish, strong, multi-usable and they are design to be used several times. Even though the material resembles paper, it´s splash resistant and flexible. The quality of the material is also signaled by the fact that the legendary French department store Galeries Lafayette have taken bags made with Paptic® material in to use. “ Says Päivi Juntunen, Director of Development at SOK.

Paptic® is a Finnish innovation that enables the replacement of plastics in a variety of packaging applications. Paptic® Tringa material is:

  • Made with renewable raw materials
  • Highly reusable & versatile
  • Recyclable. With cardboard or paper
  • Biodegradable under industrial composting
  • Water resistant

Sokos is actively pursuing more sustainable choices for their business practices. The company has become one of the pioneers in responsible leadership and the decision to end the use of plastic bags is a key step towards a more sustainable future.

“We need forerunners that make sustainable decisions. We are so proud about our collaboration with Sokos and it is great to see how Sokos truly wants to set an example with their environmental actions ” says Esa Torniainen, CBDO & Co-Founder of Paptic.

Paptic is a Finnish startup-company which was founded in 2015 to address one of the biggest global environmental challenges, the accumulation of plastic waste. Paptics’ mission is to work with sustainability-oriented companies and to help them make the transition from plastics to more environmental packaging alternatives.