An impact investment opportunity addressing the largest environmental concerns – climate change and plastic waste.

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Paptic Ltd is a high growth company addressing climate change and plastic waste problems with renewable and recyclable packaging materials that fit to circular economy.

In cooperation with our customers, we enhance more sustainable packaging solutions that offer better user experience, excellent technical properties, and efficiency in the packaging process.

Our target is to continue our rapid growth and reach 750 MEUR in revenue by 2030. 

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Production sites


CAGR 2019 – 2021


MEUR target revenue in 2030

Tomorrow’s material available today

Most of the Fortune 500 companies are shifting their focus to sustainability and social responsibility, with 90% publishing strategic level commitments and sustainability targets. These commitments and different countries’ regulations are accelerating the need for sustainable packaging. For the longest, there have not been any sufficient solutions to replace plastics and other unneeded materials as the solution should be fast to implement, renewable, reusable, recyclable, and scalable. But now there is. Paptic® ticks all these boxes and more.

WorldStar winning vegetable packaging

By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh the fish.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation – New Plastics Economy, 2017

sustainable answer

Companies are seeking more responsible packaging material alternatives to meet consumer sustainability expectations. The EU directive banning single-use plastic has only served to increase the sense of urgency and need for brands to act quickly. Paptic® provides the answer to consumer demand for greater sustainability in packaging.


Material delivered to over 50 countries

unique and scalable

Hyper-scalable Paptic material can easily replace plastics in numerous packaging applications, which, equals large market potential for the material innovation. The rapid growth of Paptic® is enabled by the utilization of efficient existing papermaking infrastructure. This unique business model allows for fast growth of capacity with low Capex investments in a sustainable and reliable manner. The uniqueness is supported by a wide IP portfolio.


Revenue growth for four consecutive years

strong foundation

Revenue growth from 2018 to 2022

First production site

First production site in Europe. Paptic® material available on an industrial scale.

First large and continuous customer cases

The largest department store in Finland, Sokos replaced all its plastic bags with reusable Paptic® bags.

New funding & Cases

Successful equity round of 5,3 MEUR. E-commerce mailers and bags taken into use at Stockmann.  Iconic Moomin mugs packed in Paptic® string bags. First food application case with Fazer.

three production sites

Two new production sites in Europe. Itochu Group invests in Paptic Ltd. and opens new opportunities with distribution deal in Japanese market. Hennes & Mauritz brand COS chooses Paptic® material for t-shirt pouches. Jacob’s Creek vine packed in a luxurious Paptic® bottle bag. Decathlon Singapore starts using Paptic® in their e-commerce mailers.

New applications

Fischertechnik replaces the plastic with Paptic® in toy packaging. Familon, a leading Finnish bedding brand, responds to consumer demand for more responsible product packaging by launching a bio-based, easily recyclable package for pillows and quilts. Paptic® is also, used in onion packaging to extend the food’s shelf life.



Growth funding round

EUR 27.5 million growth funding round to enable explosive growth.

bright future ahead

Foam facility

Starting the first foam-based production facility to take a further leap in sustainability and cost-efficiency.

New business models

Seeking partners for joint ventures and licensing opportunities to accelerate further growth, also beyond Europe.


Opening of first production site outside Europe to accelerate global growth.

250 000 tons of Paptic® delivered

Cumulatively, 250 000 tons of Paptic® delivered to market. Second foam facility up and running.

10 production sites globally

Including all business models, such as contract manufacturing, joint ventures, and licensees.

continuous growth

Paptic has continuously improved its financial performance for several years and in 2021 nearly tripled the previous year’s turnover. During its operating years, the company has raised in total over 13 million euros of equity investments. In the future, we will allocate more capital to growing the company and strengthening our presence in the market.


MEUR raised

new funding to accelerate growth

The new capital will be allocated to accelerate our growth. We will focus on developing and commercialising new products to better serve our customers and increase our sales. Our goal is to add new production sites to further increase our cost efficiency and globalise our presence in the market. To support our growth we will hire new talents to our already stellar team. We will also focus on new IPR investments.


Production sites by 2030

Shareholders of Paptic

Paptic shareholders

paptic as an Investment Target

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One of the pioneers of circular economy fulfilling global brand owners’ packaging sustainability goals of climate change, plastics reduction, and recyclability.

Competitive and proven products well positioned on the market and generating growing revenue and margins.

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Capex and networking capital efficient production model enables fast growth.

Icon - Long term growth

Well planned, low technology risk pipeline of cost-efficient new products enabling long-term growth.

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Successful track record of >2.5x growth for four consecutive years (2018-2022) and first break-even month achieved in January 2022.

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Professional and well managed organization with good governance structure and diversity.


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