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The third Open House by Paptic

Organised: 5 April 2022

The third Online Open House by Paptic was organized on 5 April 2022. A lot of people joined the virtual event to discuss sustainability in packaging and to learn about new Paptic innovations.

“There is a need to know more about sustainability in packaging and the solutions available today to meet the high responsibility standards set to reduce the use of plastic in the value chain,” says Tuomas Mustonen, CEO, Paptic Ltd. “I’d like to thank all our visitors, guest speakers, and team for making the event a success. We will organize the next Online Open House by Paptic in 2023.”

Video Recordings from Open House 2022


Case Familon, Plastic Free Pillow and Quilt Packaging 2.0

European Circular Economy & Its Future

LCA And Carbon Footprint of Packaging Materials

The Interplay of Packaging Design, Sustainability & User Experience

Packaging At Nilorn – Working Towards A More Sustainable Offer