Moominvalley Park Japan, selects to use Paptic® in their aprons.

MoominValley Paptic

Moominvalley Park offers a firsthand experience of the world of Moomin created by Tove Jansson who was born in Finland, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries. Now the park has shifted away from plastics and introduced the new innovative Paptic® material in their aprons.

The park promotes efforts to contribute to the global environment and decided to use Paptic®, giving high marks to its strength for reuse. The material has a smooth and flexible texture and is recyclable as paper.

Hoping to add an exciting touch to a precious family holiday, the Paptic® made apron has an artistically designed print featuring the Moomins and their friends who are spending time in their own way.

”We are excited to keep growing our business in Japan and furthering our collaboration with ITOCHU and Moomin. These aprons are a perfect example on how simple replacing plastics with more sustainable alternatives can be.” Esa Torniainen, Co-Founder & CBDO of Paptic, states.

ITOCHU played a crucial role in introducing Paptic® materials to the Moominvalley Park. ITOCHU also acquired shares in Paptic as a general investment and is now operating as Paptic’s strategic marketing partner in Japan.