Our customers love it and we love it. – An interview with Standard Project

Wood fibre based Paptic material in e-commerce mailers

Standard Project has been using mailers made with Paptic® for over two years now. We decided to sit down with their team and talk about the benefits they have gained with Paptic®!

Thank you Josef, Dominique & Holger for taking the time and talking with us!

Could you tell us a little bit about your company and what you do?

Josef Grillmeier: Since 2019, the Standard Project brand has offered an alternative to the fast-fashion system. It breaks the rule that fashion must constantly renew itself in order to promote consumption and instead creates thoughtful interpretations of elementary basics. In this way, it plays with the possibility of being “trendy” and timeless at the same time, unique but also universal and accessible to all.

What were the main challenges your business was facing in packaging before using Paptic®?

Dominique Eggeringhaus: We were looking for packaging that is innovative and gives us the possibility to individualize even in the smallest quantities and yet is flexible enough to be used for different textile products. In addition, the soft and flexible mailers are made to fit the products shipped so there is no need to ship air, like in cardboard boxes.

The innovation, the pleasant touch, the price, the sustainable raw material, flexibility in quantity and variation, and the possibility to individualize it easily by printing the product.

How has Paptic® impacted your business and what measurable results have you seen since using it?

Dominique Eggeringhaus: Paptic® has made our shipping more sustainable as the customer does not need any additional packaging by resealing/reusing the packaging. Paptic® offers our high-quality goods optimal protection against dirt and moisture.

What kind of feedback have you received from your own customers or clients after using Paptic®?

Holger Petermann: We have always paid attention to packaging and have chosen handmade boxes, for example. The sustainable thought here was not so much the material but rather the further use. An approach that we still consider important. So it wasn’t easy to find a partner who would guarantee both. Paptic® surprises with the softness and suppleness of the material, which is recyclable, but also reusable. Our customers love it and we love it.

“Our customers love it and we love it”

Would you recommend Paptic® to others, and if so, why?

Holger Petermann: We don’t like to recommend it to competitors (laughs), because the packaging also makes you stand out and underlines your own philosophy or the DNA of Standard-Project.

But of course, we are talking about good things and of course, you are part of it.

About Standard Project

Standard Project is a conceptual clothing and product line that reinterprets the classic everyday wardrobe and things. It is based on the belief that good design can and should be accessible to everyone. What do we surround ourselves with and why, and how can we create new classics that are contemporary and timeless, unique and yet universal? It is our goal to look for a few favorite pieces and to include them in a permanent collection of items as the best possible reinterpretation under the standard idea. In contrast to the hyper-consuming pace of fashion, Standard Project wants to offer a slowly and carefully developed permanent collection.

The aim is to find interesting and important pieces made of pure fabrics and materials and to reduce them to the essentials. The oeuvre itself serves as a living archive. Every item, from No. 1 to the most recent, is a testament to the fact that good design is always relevant. Before we release a new item, it must meet the criteria of durability, usefulness, and aesthetics. We try to achieve usefulness with universal usability, aesthetics with restrained timeless casualness, durability with selected materials, and solid manufacturing.