Iceland Foods and Paptic join forces to launch an innovative next generation carrier bag made of wood fibres – rolling out across all Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the UK. 

Iceland foods Paptic bag

Iceland Foods, one of Britain’s fastest-growing and most innovative grocery retailers, introduces a strong, lightweight, reusable, and moisture-resistant carrier bag made of Paptic® material in all its stores. The wood-fibres used in the bag are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The bag, at the end of its lifespan after multiple reuses, is recyclable with paper or cardboard. 

“We continuously look for ways to improve our offering for our customers and to meet our ambitious sustainability goals. Therefore, after an extensive period of piloting this bag in stores across the country we have moved to switch to offering paper bags by Paptic® as the best choice for our customers and the environment”,  Mark Armstrong, Senior Packaging Technologist at Iceland Foods.

Paptic® offers moisture-resistance, reusability, and recyclability while using 40% less raw materials than other strong paper alternatives. The Paptic® bag is made to carry heavy, wet and frozen goods, even when carried on longer journeys. This new bag is also designed for reusability as it folds easily and remains functional over multiple uses (folding instructions are provided on the bag). “We will introduce this new bag in all our stores across the UK, including the Food Warehouse, over the coming months”, confirms Mark Armstrong.

“We are thrilled about this major development and our close cooperation with Iceland Foods. This step confirms that our material is well designed for this purpose and provides superior benefits – combining functional, cost, and sustainability performance – versus conventional materials. We believe that this will help Iceland Foods further reduce the use of plastic carrier bags overall and strengthen its brand position as a leader in innovation and sustainability. By choosing Paptic®, Iceland Foods opts for a carrier bag solution that makes sense today- and in the future”, says Jukka Rovamaa, Business Segment Director at Paptic®. 

Paptic’s R&D focuses on the development of recyclable wood-fibre material. These innovations help brands and retailers reduce their reliance on plastics in packaging and optimise the use of raw material resources to help safeguard the world’s natural habitats and biodiversity.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Jukka Rovamaa

Business Segment Director

Paptic Ltd


Paptic Ltd is a high-growth company established in 2015 with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The company has developed Paptic®, fibre-based and recyclable materials to replace plastic films and other conventional materials in flexible packaging. Paptic® materials have been available on an industrial scale since 2018. Today Paptic is a company of 47 professionals, and Paptic® materials are delivered to over 50 countries.

Iceland Foods is one of the leading grocery and frozen food retailers in the UK, with a significant presence across the country. Alongside its multi-award-winning online shopping service, Iceland represents a notable share of the UK grocery market. Committed to prioritizing the interests of customers, communities, and the environment, Iceland has been a pioneer in food quality and transparency. In 2021 Iceland becomes the world’s first food retailer to join the Climate Pledge, committing to be Net Zero carbon by 2040.