Bag-in-box wine’s new clothes

Paptic bag in box wine packaging

Chilean Santa Helena bag-in-box wines are the first of their kind to wear a new packaging solution, a bag concept for bag-in-box wines, developed by Packdesign ID. The new solution offers an opportunity to react quickly in changing market conditions in a highly competitive product category and demanding sales channel. Paptic’s durable and environmentally friendly Paptic Tringa® was chosen as the material for the new packaging solution. The material offers both a good printing surface to achieve an impressive end result in the demanding product group and a sustainable alternative that can withstand the challenges of the entire packaging chain.

Behind the new packaging solution is multi-stage development work. The bag concept made of Paptic Tringa® material was developed from an idea to functional implementation and the first practical application for Santa Helena faucets. – The best solutions are known to be simple. When it comes to the industrial packaging chain, finding an efficient, functional, and practical implementation of a new solution requires perseverance and the ability to find new alternative solutions to solve the challenges that will inevitably come along the way. Here, good partners are paramount, thanks Packdesign ID’s Emma Kosonen Paptic Oy, which was involved in the project from start to finish.

Less Waste, Faster Market Entry

Pernod Ricard Finland (, which markets Santa Helena bag-in-box wines, was looking for a solution to bring a new product design to market faster without any loss of packaging material. The existing box packaging was upgraded with the bag solution with a new visual look in connection with the design reform.

“Good idea and functional implementation from start to finish! With the help of Packdesign ID’s bag packaging, we brought the new product design visible to consumers in a new way and much faster than it would otherwise have been possible for us”, says Kaisa Kavekari, Brand Manager Wines Pernod Ricard Finland.

The new solution offers a stylish bag-in-box wine package for the consumer, which you can purchase in good conscience to take to a party or even given as a gift, and it is pleasant to grip on the Paptic Tringa® handle.

“With this latest packaging solution of ours, conventional cardboard bag-in-box wine packaging can easily be upgraded to a stylish entity. It differentiates the product and brand in a competitive field in a way that appeals to consumers,” says Maija Olkkonen-Seppo, CEO of Packdesign ID.

“We are aware that you can use our material in many ways, and we eagerly joined this collaboration with Packdesign ID. When you combine functional material, modern technology, and innovative design, it results in excellent and functional solutions”, says Esa Torniainen, Paptic’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Cooperation with PackdesignID was very fruitful. From the very beginning, packaging design professionals knew how to take advantage of our materials’ benefits creatively and create an entirely new packaging concept for which we see international demand.”

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Packdesign ID is a design agency specializing in business-friendly brand and packaging design and a pioneer in holistic packaging design. We develop consumer-friendly packaging concepts and solutions of the future that help brands build a unique competitive advantage and meet the challenges of a changing world.

Paptic Ltd is a high-growth company established in 2015 with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The company has developed Paptic®, a fibre-based and recyclable material to replace plastics in packaging. The material has been available on an industrial scale since 2018. Today Paptic is a company with close to 30 professionals, and Paptic® materials are delivered to over 40 countries.