Hennes & Mauritz brand COS chooses Paptic® material for t-shirt pouches

COS Paptic bags

With Paptic®, Hennes & Mauritz brand COS finds the perfect balance between packaging functionality, feel and sustainability in its newly designed T-shirt pack.

Paptic® is an excellent sustainable alternative to packaging materials such as plastics or even textiles. Paptic® is modern, renewable, reusable, versatile, and easy for consumers to recycle with paper and cardboard. The wood fibres used in Paptic® come from sustainably managed forests.

This new Paptic® packaging solution is now in use globally at COS, both online and in physical stores.

“We are extremely delighted that COS selected our material for this packaging end-use. We would like to thank the COS team for this fruitful collaboration helping to further preserve the planet’s natural resources” says Jukka Rovamaa responsible for UK Business Development.

Brands respond to today’s consumers call for more sustainable alternatives – also in packaging

Oil-based or single-used materials are no longer an acceptable option for sustainability-driven brands today. A growing share of consumers is aware of the global plastic waste problem, and this is one reason that drives brands to search for more sustainable packaging materials and to apply circular economy practices.

Paptic® material addresses the global plastic waste challenge and satisfies the needs of consumers, retailers, and brand owners for sustainable packaging. You can recognize Paptic® materials by the unique look and feel, giving the brands and retailers an easy way to communicate about their sustainability credentials.

Paptic® is a novel renewable and recyclable alternative that can be converted with existing converting machinery, differentiates itself from existing solutions through its touch & feel, encourages consumers to reuse the packaging (when applicable), and enables easy recycling (paper and cardboard stream).


COS first opened on Regent Street, London in 2007, followed by the launch of its online store in 2011. The brand is available across Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Australia, and offers reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials for women, men, and children. With items made to last beyond the latest season, the collections merge lasting quality with timeless design. Committed to supporting the world of art and design through collaboration, COS partners with established and emerging artists, studios, and galleries around the world.

Paptic Ltd

Paptic is a growth company founded in 2015, headquartered in Espoo. The company has developed the innovative wood-based and recyclable Paptic® material to replace plastic in packaging. The material has been produced on an industrial scale since 2018. Today, Paptic employs nearly 30 professionals, and Paptic® materials have been delivered to more than 40 countries. www.paptic.com