Paptic Ltd has won the Worldstar award with an e-commerce packaging made of Paptic Tringa®

Paptic Business Development Manager after winning the WorldStar Award

Paptic’s new packaging material solution for e-commerce was awarded in the WorldStar competition. The first user for the awarded solution was Stockmann, one of Finland’s largest department store chains.  

The e-commerce mailer made of Paptic Tringa® was developed to replace plastic in this end-use. It is a soft and durable mailer, enhancing the brand value and expanding the current sustainable packaging window. The material is cellulose-based, recyclable, moisture resistant, printable, and well convertable with the existing package production lines. Compared to corrugated cardboard, Paptic’s e-commerce package takes up less space and is faster to fill and close. Paptic Tringa® material is pleasant to touch and does not make a crackling sound.

The winning solution was developed to offer a sustainable alternative to consumers

The successful entry was developed in co-operation with Stockmann as they wanted to provide more sustainable alternatives to their customers. “Our goal is to inspire and support our customers in making responsible choices every day, and it has been a real pleasure to hear their enthusiastic feedback about the Paptic packaging. We want to congratulate the Paptic team for this great award and thank them for this important cooperation for a more sustainable future”, says Jari Latvanen, CEO at Stockmann.

“Our mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic films in packaging, and we are constantly developing new solutions with sustainably focused companies. We are delighted of the fruitful co-operation with Stockmann in this project and that our innovative e-commerce packaging solution was rewarded with the WorldStar award”, says Tuomas Mustonen, CEO of Paptic Ltd. 

About the WorldStar Competition

WorldStar, known as the world’s most pre-eminent international award in packaging, is organised annually by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). This year attracted 345 entries from a total of 35 countries all over the world. WorldStars are presented only to those packages that have already won recognition in a recognised national or regional competition. Paptic won a ScanStar award in autumn 2020. Awards are based on the judges’ consensus that a package is superior in its category and market and better in class in execution or innovation by comparison to others.

Paptic Ltd is a high-growth company established in 2015 with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The company has developed Paptic®, a fibre-based and recyclable material to replace plastics in packaging. The material has been available on an industrial scale since 2018. Today Paptic is a company with close to 30 professionals, and Paptic® materials are delivered to over 40 countries.